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Alexis Reiter
Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner
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Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Alexis Design. I'm pleased you have visited my web site and look forward to being of assistance on your wedding day. I am a Government appointed and long-standing, certified marriage commissioner in the province of Alberta serving Edmonton and the Greater Edmonton Area.

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What is a Marriage Officiant?

In short. a Marriage Officiant is a person authorized by a provincial governing body, to legally perform marriages within a certain province.

An offical Wikipedia document does exist on this subject and is located here:

Types of Marriage Officiants?

There currently exists two types of Marriage Officiants:
  • Religious representatives - commonly referred to as a clergy person.
  • Marriage commissioners - for civil ceremonies.

How can I Find a Marriage Officiant

What are your Qualifications?

My experience and educational backgrounds are extensive:
  • Bachelor of Science, B.Sc., University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Education, B.Ed., University of Alberta
  • 30+ years expeirnce as a caligraphist
  • Long-standing Marriage Commissioner for the Province of Alberta
  • Active Marriage Commissioner for hundreds of weddings
  • Continued educational intake through self studyring initiatives such as conferences, workshops and reading

About Same Gender Marriage?

In the Province of Alberta, same gender marriage is not specifically recognized in current legislation, but this legislation is overridden by the Federal Civil Marriage Act. According to the Act, same sex marriage is legal, but religious officials are free to refuse to solemnize a marriage that is not in accordance with their religious beliefs.

The procedure for same sex couples is the same as that for a heterosexual couple. If you and your same sex partner are considering marriage, you may want to consult a registry agent to ensure they will issue you a marriage license.

How Far in Advance Should I Book?

It’s highly suggested that bookings be made at least six months to one and half years in advance.

How long is a Marriage License valid for?

A Marriage License is valid for 90 days.

What is a Marriage Certificate?

Alberta Vital Statistics maintains a record (registration) of all marriages that occur in Alberta and can only issue certificate/documents for events that occurred in Alberta. Marriage Certificates are issued using the information from the original Registration of Marriage, completed at the time of marriage. The appropriate form must be completed and submitted through an authorized registry agent in Alberta. Please see samples provided on the Alberta Vital Statistics website.

Caligraphy Service?

At a young age, I discovered a passion for calligraphy while attending a British private school in the West Indies and haven’t let go till this very day. As a result I now have over thirty years of experience as a professional Calligrapher and am a proud member of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society. If you require services of a professional Calligrapher to design your place cards, wedding announcement invitations or other items, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to be of assistance.

In addition I have a website dedicated to my caligraphy service. Please don't hesitate to visit Alexis Design located at

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