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Alexis Reiter
Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner
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Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

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Kind Words from my Clients

From Steve

Good day Alexis,

Just wanted to drop you an email on the poem you worked on for my wife’s birthday. The work on the lettering , with the mounting and framing , brought tears to my smiling wife’s face. The effect of my poem written in calligraphy form by yourself, near brought a tear to my eye too! Thank you very much for finding time in your day to have helped me out with this, on such short notice. This piece makes my wife smile more each day!

Thanks again Alexis!
Have a Wonderful day


Guest at Wedding of Wes and Phil,

My parents were at Wes and Phil's wedding in 2011, and said you did a wonderful job. I was wondering if you have the date open for a late afternoon wedding (around 4:30), and if we could chat and determine if we all fit together! Also, if you could please let me know what your fees are, that would be great! Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you!



Just wanted you to know that we have had several very positive comments on your write up of the PT workshop. Many members have said they could follow your notes and complete home workshop time! Anyway thanks for your attention to detail and hope this finds you well I have heard you are teaching in the Feb and I may even end up in your class. The exams are Fridays so that is a conflict but do send your class info to Nadia and she will get it into the email reminder for the next couple of months.


Thanks so much Alexis for the amazing calligraphy you did for our wedding! It was over the top beautiful!! Our guests just loved it and a lot of them took them home for a keepsake. I told them how you did the Queens place cards and they just loved that too. Thanks again!


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Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner

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